3 New Year’s Resolutions to Make for Your Pet

Did you remember to include your pets in your New Years resolutions this year?

When you're making a list of New Year's resolutions this year, don't forget to include one of the most important aspects of your life – your pet. Whether it's to better your furry friend's health or lifestyle, there's always room for improvement. Here are three resolutions every dog or cat lover should make. 

1. Make flea and tick care a priority
It can be easy to forget to give your pooch or feline a Hartz® flea and tick treatment as often as you should. After all, you're busy, and they don't even go outside all that much when it's cold out. Save yourself from a major infestation by staying on top of flea and tick control. 

2. Divert your focus to diet
Like humans, pets need to have a healthy diet to live longer lives and avoid diseases, like diabetes. It's not uncommon that an owner will dump food into the bowl without measuring it, but this technique leaves room for error. You might over or under feed your pooch, which can cause a fluctuation in weight. Use a measuring cup to scoop food for your cat or dog. 

3. Increase quality time
Hang out with your dogs and cats more frequently next year. There's no such thing as too much quality time. As Dog Channel pointed out, it's doable. Bring him with you on errands, or go for a hike or swim together. Your dog might even motivate you to complete your personal resolutions.

This content is provided by the pet wellness experts at Hartz. We offer complete flea and tick protection for your pet, home and yard.