4 tips for bonding with a new kitten

Here are four pointers to make your new kitten feel right at home.

Owning a new cat may be exciting to you, but it can be a frightening transition for your little ball of fur. That's why the first interactions are so important.

Kitten Baby explained that bonding is essential, as it'll make grooming easier for you. This can mean anything from clipping her nails to putting on her Hartz® flea collar.

Here are four pointers for bonding with a new cat.

1. Take it slow
Resist the urge to play with your new feline 24/7. According to Pet Education, cats are timid by nature and they need a little alone time to adjust to a new environment. Be patient and your feline will eventually come out from under the couch. 

2. Give her a small home
Pet Education also explained that cats tend to find comfort by being in enclosed spaces. Leave the door to the kennel open or put out a few boxes for your feline to play in. 

3. Hold her for five minutes at a time
Kitten Baby suggested picking up your kitten and then placing her in her favorite spot when you're done.

4. Be gentle with her
Additionally, Kitten Baby explained that speaking softly to your kitten can improve your bond. Even if she scratches at you, resist the urge to raise your voice. Instead, reply with a gentle "no." 

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