5 reasons to brush your cat’s fur

You can avert several disasters by regularly brushing your cat's fur.

Your cats don't need a Hollywood makeover, but they do require hair maintenance from time to time. If neglected, fur can snarl and become matted, which can lead to bigger problems. Here are five reasons to brush your cat.

1. Prevents fleas and ticks
According to The Nest, fleas and ticks thrive in dirty fur. Not only does this make your feline more prone to parasites, but it also makes treatment difficult. Good luck running a Hartz® flea comb through that mane.

2. Eliminates a big mess 
When you do finally decide to fix your cat's mane, you're going to have to spend a lot more time combing through it when compared to regular hair care.

3. Avoids underlying stench
Your feline may stink if clumps of her fur cover other large sections of hair. This makes it impossible to thoroughly wash all of it.

4. Promotes proper bathroom habits
In some extreme cases, the snarled hair will grow over your cats backside, obstructing her ability to go to the bathroom, explained The Nest. 

5. Thwarts hair balls
According to Catster, your cat may have to get surgery if you don't brush her fur. That's because hair balls develop over time. You can't remove them yourself because you could injure the cat.

This content is provided by the flea treatment experts at Hartz. We offer flea sprays, shampoos and drops to keep your pets safe inside and outside your home.