A year after Hurricane Sandy, numerous pets remain unclaimed

A year later, hundreds of pets still remain in shelters after Hurricane Sandy's damage.

A year after Hurricane Sandy swept across the East Coast and ravaged communities, hundreds of pets displaced by the storm are living as strays or waiting to be adopted in kennels. Great steps to promote animal wellness were taken in the midst of Sandy, but the inevitable couldn't be avoided. Some families in the path of the storm had no other choice but to surrender their animals to a local shelter while they evacuated the area. 

Today, dogs and cats are still scattered around shelters in the area, waiting for their old owners to claim them or for new homes to take them in. Luckily, many of the dogs and cats stranded on the streets after the storm have found their way into shelters, where potentially life-threatening issues, such as flea and tick infestation, can be treated. However, while the pets have received adequate medical treatment, reuniting with their former owners has been a slow process. 

Executive director of Animal Care and Control of New York City Risa Weinstock told NBC News the difficulty of reuniting pets with their old owners after an event like Sandy can be attributed to the difficulty of easily distinguishing the identity of an animal

"The huge necessity is for a pet owner to have identification on their pet – an ID, name, phone number, location," said Weinstock. 

The fight to protect
A year later, many shelters' focus has now moved to finding the lost pets new homes, but the most important work has already been done. Removing the dogs and cats from the storm-damaged streets was always the main priority. The life of an animal living with no shelter or food source isn't a pretty one. The pets stranded after the storm were particularly prone to the ailments brought along by fleas and ticks. 

Stuck constantly outside with no one caring for them, ticks and fleas could easily transmit their many diseases to their new hosts, and smaller animals were likely to develop anemia due to blood loss from flea infestation. When the care came and products like the Hartz® UltraGuard Plus® Flea & Tick Dog Shampoo with Aloe could be used, the worst was over for the animals.

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