Abandoned kitten found covered in fleas in Ohio

Flea season is on the rise, learn how to find and treat them on cats.

Fleas typically strike the hardest in warmer weather, and it's important to be aware of the signs and symptoms of flea infestations in cats. With the proper care, flea treatment, and attentive grooming, fleas can be safely eradicated from cats. Fleas are becoming a growing problem in the United States.

News Channel 5 in Ohio reported that a woman found an abandoned kitten in Ravenna​, Ohio over Labor Day weekend. After hearing meows from a nearby dumpster, the woman discovered the kitten in a closed trash bag also filled with empty beer cans. She contacted the Portage Animal Protective League in Ravenna, a non-profit organization and proponent of animal wellness.

The Portage APL, a non-profit organization, took the female kitten to a shelter. Weak and dehydrated, the cat was also covered in fleas and tapeworms. Veterinarians administered both flea and de-worming medication, and gave her a bath.

A veterinarian believes that fleas, along with malnutrition, retarded the kitten's growth. She is now spending her recovery time in foster care, and if all goes well, she should be up for adoption in a matter of weeks. The Portage APL named her Annie Oakley.

Flea symptoms and treatment
Flea season is upon us, it's essential for pet owners to be able to tell when a cat is infested. Some are more obvious than others – for example, fleas can often be seen by the naked eye, jumping, crawling and moving around in a cat's fur, as was the case with Annie Oakley. When the fleas aren't visible, it's important to notice certain behaviors that may signal their presence. When cats repeatedly scratch themselves or lick their fur, it's a sign that they may be infested. PetMD also recommends watching out for continual head shaking and ear scratching. Two flea hot-spots on cats are the groin and the armpits, because these areas are typically warm, rendering them favorable to the blood-feeding parasites. 

If you're wondering how to get rid of fleas, there are many ways to do so after they've attached to the host. Products like Hartz® Ultraguard Pro® Flea & Tick Drops for Cats kill fleas and their eggs while also preventing future infestations. 

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