Amount of ticks carrying Lyme disease rising in Midwest

Amount of ticks carrying Lyme disease on the rise in Midwest

Ticks and fleas carrying various diseases have always plagued animal wellness. Keeping dogs and cats free of these diseases is a long battle, which takes careful vigilance by the pet's owner, especially today. A study out of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire suggests the number of ticks carrying Lyme disease is on a steady rise in Wisconsin, reported the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. 

The study found that an average of 35 percent of adult female deer ticks in the Wisconsin area, collected from 2010 to 2013, tested positive for Lyme disease. Just looking at those three years, it seems the Lyme disease bacterium is spiking. In 2010, 21.6 percent tested positive for Lyme disease, while 51.2 percent tested positive in 2013. 

"We are seeing increases in cases because the population of ticks is expanding," Diep Hoang Johnson, a vector-borne epidemiologist in the division of public health at the State Department of Health Services, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "Now, they're living right in our backyard."

Avoid common tick areas
The key to your pet avoiding prevalent diseases carried by ticks is simple: Don't expose your pet or yourself to tick-infested areas. When walking on trails, make sure you stay on well-worn paths with a clear walking area and stay in the middle of the path to avoid brushing against leaves and overgrown grass. Ticks' movement is limited, so they rely on the potential host to brush up against them so they can latch on.

If your pets have been outside, inspect them as soon as you can for any signs of ticks or fleas. After they've walked in a suspected tick area, using a fine-toothed comb on their fur to look for ticks can stop the problem before it takes root.

Proper treatment
With the rising tick numbers, it could only be a matter of time before your pets find themselves infested. It's vital to provide the proper care once the ticks and fleas find their way to your dog or cat, especially with the news of the rising number of Lyme disease cases found in ticks. The Hartz® UltraGuard Pro® Flea and Tick Drops for Dogs and Puppies starts killing deer ticks and fleas within 15 minutes and prevents re-infestations for one month. 

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