Are you carefully clipping your dog’s nails?

Here are some pointers to help you trim your dog's nails.

Cutting a dog's nails can a tricky feat. Not only is it hard to get pets to sit still, but you may encounter little bumps or bruises as you trim, requiring extra caution and care.

Washington State University constructed a list of helpful pointers for animal nail care. Here are some of the major takeaways:

  • Restrain your pet by placing him on a table.
  • Lay your pet on his side if he's wiggling around too much.
  • The guillotine type of nail trimmer is the easiest to use on dogs.
  • The dew claw on a dog – the nail that's far from the others – can be bent for trimming.
  • Only trim dark claws about 2 millimeters so you don't run into a blood vessel.

If you happen to notice your dog is bleeding, you can try to stop it by applying styptic powder to the wound, suggested Wahl Home Products. However, the pooch may need to see a vet. Visiting a professional can at the very least give you peace of mind so you know your four-legged friend isn't seriously injured. 

Take full advantage of this time that your pooch is restrained, and also comb his fur with a Hartz® flea comb. It'll be easier to remember to do both flea and nail care than one task at a time.

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