Areas with the worst flea problems

Fleas prefer certain climates.

Fleas can be a problem for your dog no matter where you live, but some areas of the country are better suited for the pests than others. Products like Hartz® UltraGuard Plus® Flea and Tick Home Spray will protect your dog and your house with the highest quality flea control, but knowing where and when fleas might be most active is important for keeping your pet safe.

According to PetMD, areas of the country with high humidity and warmer temperatures have higher numbers of fleas than cooler, drier regions. Florida and other Gulf states may see flea problems well into winter, while areas like Las Vegas or Chicago may be more inhospitable to the pests.

Preventative measures like using Hartz® flea spray are easy ways to keep your dog safe regardless of climate. Even if there is a lower risk of flea problems where you live, the possibility for infestation is still a critical concern for your pet. Preventing any flea issues is much easier and safer than dealing with an outbreak after the fact. 

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