Can pets get depressed?

Don't let your pet's sadness hurt his or her health.

Pets have emotions just like humans, but they aren't able to communicate them with words. While it's unknown if dogs and cats can get depression, they can certainly feel sad for long periods of time. Keep an eye on your pets to check if they're acting out of character.

Bathroom breaks
If they're going to the bathroom in all of the wrong places, your animals might be upset, Good House Keeping magazine suggested. They might not have the drive to meander over to the litter box.

Lost appetite or sleeplessness
A pet's lack of appetite or sleep should also raise a red flag. It's not normal for an animal to completely change these habits overnight. Keep a close eye on food intake and sleep habits and contact your vet.

No more hellos
Cats and dogs that no longer greet their owners might be depressed. This is pretty big change in behavior for rambunctious, outgoing pets. Watch out for this sign and take note of how your pet is behaving socially.

Get help
Take any pets to the vet if they've been acting out of character lately, Paw Nation suggested. It could be that they're sick and they need a flea and tick treatment or they could actually be dealing with some emotional trauma

Your pet's mental well-being is just as important as physical health. 

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