Cats may absorb more than humans thought, study reveals

New research shows that cats might be tuning into their owner's actions more than initially thought.

You cat may be judging your every move. Research published in the journal Animal Cognition showed that felines mimicked owners' behavior in certain scenarios.

The study
In an experiment conducted by researchers at the University of Milan, cats watched their owners react to green ribbons blowing in a fan. When it came time for the cats to stand in front of the fans, many of their behaviors indicated that they copied what they saw their owners do.

Does this mean our cats are watching our every move? It might, according to the study's lead author Isabella Merola. She told NPR that further studies should be conducted – however, cat parents ought to lead by example to evoke positive emotions in cats.

What does it mean?
Still, child rearing and raising a cat are two different worlds. U.S. News & World Report explained that talking to children can help parents become better role models. However, if you have a heart to heart with your feline, rest assured, the message will not penetrate.

Look to nonverbal cues. According to NPR, something as simple as reacting to a thunderstorm might be effective in raising a calm cat. Take care of other responsibilities too, like bringing your feline to the vet or giving her a Hartz® flea and tick treatment

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