Do you know what attracts fleas?

Know what attracts fleas

Regardless of whether or not you've found yourself facing a flea problem, owning a dog means having to familiarize yourself with these pests for flea control. Knowing what attracts these pests can help protect you and your pets.

The health risks posed by fleas aren't limited to itching – your four-legged friend can also contract a number of conditions if he ingests an infested flea. It's essential to know what to do if your dog comes into contact with these insects. 

Don't tempt the bugs
Coming into contact with fleas may be unavoidable if your dog ends up playing host to a number of these pests, but you can better protect yourself against these insects if you're knowledgeable about their behavior. For example, if you find yourself in close proximity to a flea, your instinct may tell you to blow the little dot away. However, carbon dioxide attracts fleas, so exhaling forcefully may force the pest away, but it may attract the others. 

You may think that moving quickly will give you a better chance of getting rid of the fleas on your furry friend. However, moving shadows will cause fleas to jump, which may bring you into direct contact with them. In light of this, you may want to think about moving a little more slowly and deliberately.

Fleas still in their pupae stage know to emerge when they feel vibrations. Causing vibrations when you're out for a walk with your pet is unavoidable, but being aware of the potential effects will keep you more aware of your surroundings. If your dog takes a run through an area that you recognize is a home for fleas, then you'll know to check your furry friend thoroughly as soon as he's back.

Take preventive measures 
There are a number of flea treatments that you can purchase, from collars to medications. Additionally, you can look into products that will treat your home in the event of an infestation. The Hartz® UltraGuard Plus®Flea & Tick Carpet Powder has a pleasant citrus scent and will kill fleas and ticks. 

If your dog winds up being a host to a flea and its eggs, be aware that the eggs will fall off wherever the dog goes – including your home. As such, you'll need to treat the entire house if your pet is infested.

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