Fall offers no protection against ticks

Ticks are a year-round problem for your dog.

Ticks can be a threat to your dog well into the autumn and early winter months, even as freezing temperatures set in. According to the Tick Encounter Research Center, adult ticks may even be more active in October and November than they would be during the summer.

In fact, some tick species are active year-round, especially in areas with warmer climates, and tick protection and tick removal are crucial for keeping your dog safe and healthy. For that reason, Hartz® UltraGuard Pro® Flea and Tick Drops for Dogs and Puppies is important year-round for flea and tick control.

Part of the problem is that ticks are more bothered by dry conditions than they are by cold temperatures. Fall and winter come with more precipitation, and under those circumstances, ticks thrive. Another force driving this trend is the maturation of ticks that become adults. During summer, many ticks are still in their larvae or nymph stage of life, but by fall, there are many more adult ticks.

In any season, protecting your pet with high-quality prevention and constant monitoring are critical for keeping your dog safe from ticks.

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