Hartz® experts provide safety tips for beach-going dogs

Hartz® experts provide safety tips for beach-going dogs

The beach is a place that many pet owners will frequent this spring and summer once the weather becomes warm. Dogs are renowned for loving outings to beaches where they can run across sand and dive into salty water. However, there's a certain amount of precaution that needs to be taken into account to ensure dog wellness at the beach. These areas are not always safe for pets, especially those who've had issues around other dogs in the past. Here are some tips should be used at every beach throughout the spring and summer.

1. Prepare for parasites
Heavily wooded areas aren't the only places that parasites enjoy – beaches can be suitable habitats as well, according to Petside. For this reason, it's critical to treat dogs with products such as the Hartz® UltraGuard Plus® Flea & Tick Collar for Dogs prior to hitting the sand this season. This collar can make it easy to maintain flea and tick control for up to seven months, giving pet owners peace of mind every time the hit the shore.

2. Abide by the rules
Whether it's a beach specifically created for dogs or one that's meant to be shared with humans, there are usually a set of rules to be followed when visiting these venues, according to Cesar's Way. It's critical to find out what animals can and can't do before immediately letting them off the leash. These limitations are typically created to ensure the safety of everyone around the beach. In the end, following them can help pet owners avoid creating safety hazards.

3. Keep an eye out for debris
While sand may be soft to the touch, items lurking under it can be a threat to both humans and animals. Animal Planet encourages pet owners to keep an eye out from stray pieces of glass and plastic on the beach that may be hazardous to dogs as they run around. Areas that seem to be more littered than others should be avoided. In the event that a beach seems to have a large amount of trash, it might be best to keep animals on a leash.

The beach can be a fun, relaxing place for both pet owners and their animals. These three tips can ensure that well-being is never a cause for concern during the spring and summer. 

This content is provided by the pet wellness experts at Hartz. We offer complete flea and tick protection for your pet, home and yard.