How much damage can fleas really do to your dog?

A flea infestation isn't just an annoyance

Because fleas are so small, it's natural to underestimate their effects on our pets. In turn, this leads us to underestimate the importance of flea prevention. So, how much damage can fleas really inflict on your pet? PetMD gave a clear answer – a lot. According to the pet health resource website, flea-allergic animals are especially prone to the itching caused by fleas. This can lead to hair-loss, rashes and infections due to furious scratching. Unlike other burrowing pests, fleas roam on the surface of the skin. Their dislike of light causes them to scurry to the more hidden parts of your pet, like the belly or inner thighs. 

In smaller pets, blood-loss from a flea infestation can lead to anemia, sometimes resulting in death if left untreated for too long. Fleas can also transmit tapeworms to your pet. 

Considering all these dangers that come with a flea infestation, you may be more convinced that flea prevention is not only a good idea, but absolutely necessary. What might be only a minor annoyance to humans is a potentially life-threatening situation for a pet. Luckily, there are many methods and products that are dedicated to keeping fleas off of your pet and out of your home. 

Which product to use
Flea and tick collars can be used to kill and repel fleas and ticks for up to seven months, and are a solid option for any owner looking to prevent all the madness that goes along with ridding your pet and home of an infestation. But what if you think you saw a flea jump on your pet, but aren't quite sure? The Hartz® GROOMER'S BEST® Flea Comb for Dogs is the perfect tool for checking your pet's fur for fleas. It's a tool that should be used every day, as you shouldn't check your pet only after you think you saw a flea on him or her.

Checking your animal every day ensures that you can preempt any possible infestation and stop it before it gets out of control. A few minutes every day spent combing your dog is surely better than hours spent killing fleas on your pet and in your home. 

This content is provided by the flea treatment experts at Hartz. We offer flea sprays, shampoos and drops to keep your pets safe inside and outside your home.