How to deal with fleas in your apartment

Fleas can still make their way into your apartment via your dog.

Fleas don't need a sprawling woods or a suburban backyard to find their way onto your dog. Even city pups are at risk of flea infestations, and once fleas have found your pooch, their next step is to set up shop in your apartment. Fleas will avoid harsh outdoor conditions by hiding away indoors, and according to Apartment Therapy, it's important to act swiftly once any bugs have been detected.

Wash any clothes or blankets that may have come in contact with fleas, and set the dryer to the highest setting to ensure all bugs are killed off. Likewise, vacuum any floors and be sure to throw away the bag immediately. Clean any other surfaces thoroughly, and invest in Hartz® UltraGuard® Flea and Tick Control to protect your dog and your apartment from any future flea infestations. Monitor the apartment for any signs of remaining fleas, their eggs or their larvae, and repeat any cleaning measures as necessary. 

This content is provided by the flea treatment experts at Hartz®. We offer flea sprays, shampoos and drops to keep your pets safe inside and outside your home.