How to fight the good fight when it comes to fleas

Get rid of fleas with these three tips.

Fleas travel in herds and can reproduce quickly. They're hard to see and drive your cats and dogs crazy. Although they may seem like an indestructible army, they can be beaten. Here are some ways to get rid of fleas once and for all. 

Bath time
The moment you see fleas on the dog,pick up some flea shampoo. A flea collar can be helpful but a bath is more thorough. Soak your dog completely and then start scrubbing with the flea shampoo. Work from head to toe because the pests tend to instinctively migrate to higher grounds, according to Dog Breed Info.

Flea comb
A flea comb is a great option for puppies and kittens that are too young for shampoos and other chemicals, according to The Bug Squad. While working out the fleas, be cognizant of your pets' sensitive areas.Because fleas will be falling off of your dog, be sure to do this activity outside or in a place where fleas won't escape to another pet or different parts of the house. Reuse the flea comb several days a week to get better results.

Persistence and keeping a careful watch over the dog can optimize these three methods of getting rid of fleas.

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