How to get rid of fleas

There are over 2000 known species of fleas worldwide and they're not picky about what they eat.

A flea infestation can feel overwhelming, especially because you're outnumbered by the enemy. According to Dr. Dmitri V. Logunov, entomologist and Curator of Arthropods in the Manchester Museum, there are over 2000 known species of fleas worldwide.

"Fleas are not specific in their feeding and can attack various hosts," he stated in an article for the Biological Sciences Review. He discussed the fact that 94 percent of flea species are parasites on mammals. That's a lot of fleas that aren't picky about where they get their next meal. Dr. Logunov specifically mentioned that fleas will happily live on your dog and will grab a bite to eat off of you or your family if they get the chance. It's important to pay attention to fleas in your home, not just because they are irritating, but also because they can carry and transmit disease.

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