How to protect your yard from ticks

Cleaning your lawn can discourage ticks from lurking

Tick and flea control can seem like a daunting task, especially considering that they aren't found just in the woods, but in your backyard as well. That's not a reason to live in fear of your own yard, though. There are many options available to make your outdoor area look much less attractive to ticks and the animals that carry them. 

The Massachusetts Department of Health and Human Services suggested that lawn maintenance is one of the first steps you can take in reducing the likelihood of a tick latching on to you or your pet. A lawn that's overrun by damp and shady shrubs is especially susceptible to lurking ticks. Ticks are more likely to be found in taller grass, so always ensuring that your lawn's grass is cut short is a smart decision. Also, be certain to rake away any leaf piles near your home, as this is yet another area that ticks are found in.

For large yards, the source recommended the use of deer fencing, as deer are one of the many carriers of ticks in the wilderness. 

Check for ticks
After clearing your yard to discourage ticks, be sure to check yourself and your pet for the pests. For your pets, running a fine-toothed comb through their fur is the perfect way to check for ticks. Working in the brush and on the edge of the woods would certainly put you at a large risk of coming into contact with a tick. While working in your yard, even after going through the efforts to make it tick-proof, it's advisable to wear clothing that completely covers your skin. It's also suggested to tuck your pant legs into your socks to keep ticks away from your ankles, where most of the tall grass will probably be touching you.

More preventative methods
To be extra certain your yard isn't infested, there are products like the Hartz® UltraGuard® Yard & Kennel Spray that kill ticks and fleas in the surrounding outdoor areas of your home. There are also flea and tick collars for your pets to give them their own repellant as they venture outside. 

This content is provided by the pet wellness experts at Hartz. We offer complete flea and tick protection for your pet, home and yard.