How to take care of your cat after it’s had fleas

Take special care of your cat after she's had the fleas to make sure they don't return.

The fleas are gone, which means the work is over, right? Not so fast. As a cat owner, you have to do your best to ensure those annoying parasites never come back. Here's how you can take care of Miss Kitty to make her feel better and stay healthy after she's had a cat flea treatment.

Make prevention a priority
Buy her a flea collar or Hartz® flea spray to help keep fleas off of her fur. Don't use your old shampoos that killed the fleas in the first place because they won't work. A product designed for prevention will kill eggs but one that's supposed to treat a pet that already has fleas works by killing the insects. There's a difference.

Change kitty's lifestyle
Consider making your cat an indoor pet after a case of the fleas, because the insects tend to live in wooded areas. If Miss Kitty has long fur, give her a trim because fleas tend to burrow in long locks as well, according to Pet MD.

Shut off all contact to fleas
Cut off any life lines your fleas might have. This means, if Miss Kitty's food bowl sits on the front porch, move it inside because stray animals carrying fleas could give them to her. Seal up any animal doors or places where raccoons and other flea-ridden critters can lurk.

Do everything in your power to prevent inviting fleas back into your home. Just because they're gone today doesn't mean they won't be back tomorrow. 

This content is provided by the pet wellness experts at Hartz. We offer complete flea and tick protection for your pet, home and yard.