Is Patagonia turning into Pet-agonia?

Travelers have set sights on Patagonia as the next destination to enjoy with your pets.

Pumas and Magellanic penguins aren't the only animals grazing the luscious lands of Patagonia. An increasing number of dogs and cats are roaming the terrain as well, as Americans are packing up their cars and pet carriers to see new lands. 

Why Patagonia?
Traveling with pets has become big over the past few years. Even Amtrak has a pilot program that lets pooches and felines ride as passengers, so it should come as no surprise that pet owners want to go bigger and better. Eager to outdo routine road trips, some travelers have set sights on Patagonia.

The Pan-American Highway, which runs from Texas to Machu Piccu makes for the ultimate road trip for pet lovers, according to The Bark. The 30,000 mile stretch spans beaches, mountains and rainforests, which means there's plenty to see and do. 

Do you need a pets-port?
The experience is really what you make of it. Compile an itinerary rich in hiking stops if that's your hobby. If you're a history buff then stop off at the Chapultepec Castle in Mexico. It's the only true castle in North America, according to Yahoo.

Since you do cross borders several times along the way, bring along your passport and a medical certificate for your pooch or feline, suggested Cesar's Way. Pack plenty of bug repellent and a Hartz® flea and tick treatment, as parasites thrive in rural areas. 

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