More Lyme disease reports remind dog owners to take precautions

More Lyme disease reports remind dog owners to take precautions

This spring, reports have been pouring in across the country about the prevalence of deer ticks, which can transmit Lyme disease to people and dogs. While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that 95 percent of Lyme disease cases from 2012 came from 13 states in the Northeast and upper Midwest, there have been instances of this illness as far west as California.

San Francisco news network KTVU indicated that Lyme disease is 10 times more common in this region than previously thought. It seems the problem is widespread, as this isn't the only uncommon tick haven. Researchers in New York also found there is a larger number of ticks this spring, which means pet owners from coast to coast will need to be vigilant in protecting their dogs.

While humans can keep ticks away by pulling their socks over their pants, dogs don't have an easy answer to this problem. Hartz flea and tick control products, such as Hartz® UltraGuard Pro® Flea and Tick Drops for Dogs and Puppies, can add a layer of defense to your dog's fur.

It's equally as important to manually check your dog for ticks after long walks, especially in natural areas. If you find one, remove it and save it if possible. Your veterinarian may be able to assess the species and determine if there are any threats to your dog's health.

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