Mosquito boom in Delaware threatens the state’s pesticide budget

A recent boom in the mosquito population is threatening to deplete Delaware's pest control budget.

Warm weather leads to a flourishing insect population, and recently, we've seen an increase in the duration of temperate months. Mixing a warm atmosphere with wet weather puts human and animal wellness at risk, and this combination has led to a surge in the mosquito population, which is threatening to drain Delaware's pest control budget.

The heavy and frequent rains in Delaware have led to a quadrupling of aerial spraying efforts and a tripling of pesticide land-fogging, according to Delaware Online. As a result, $2 million set aside for the state's pet control budget is nearly drained.

"We had to fall back on our final line of defense and do a lot of adulticiding," Bill Meredith, mosquito control administrator for the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, told the source. As public complaints have quintupled, Meredith was forced to notify the state budget managers that his team will likely run out of funds before June, the end of the fiscal year. The small amount of resources left will not hold, especially if fall rains or spring storms are abundant this year.

The threat of pests
Though the insect problem is dire in Delaware, the warm weather has led to an increase in all types of pests throughout different areas of the country. While humans take precautions, it is important for them to take proper care of their pets to prevent them from infestations of insects such as ticks and fleas.

Sometimes, widespread pest control isn't enough to keep persistent insects at bay. By properly grooming cats and dogs daily, pet owners can monitor the level of need for flea and tick control. Keeping pets out of areas with tall grass will likely prevent them from contracting ticks, which attach by way of brushing against hosts that come within close range of the plants they hide on. People who are wondering how to get rid of fleas or ticks should know that many store-bought products can keep your cat or dog pest-free. Remedies like the Hartz® UltraGuard® Flea & Tick Collar for Dogs can kill and prevent insects from attaching for up to seven months, and will even destroy the eggs before they hatch. 

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