National bike tour raises funds for Lyme disease awareness

National bike tour raises funds for Lyme disease awareness

Lyme disease remains a huge threat to thousands of Americans, yet awareness of it is comparatively low. The Centers for Disease Control estimates that around 300,000 individuals are infected every year with the illness, primarily in heavily-wooded regions with mild climates. There is no known cure for Lyme disease, but if it's detected early on, doctors can treat it to prevent the likelihood of serious symptoms developing. The trouble is that many doctors misdiagnose the disease due to the similarity of its symptoms to those of other illnesses, such as the flu. In the hopes that scientists will uncover more information about the elusive disease, one organization dedicated to helping researchers has recently raised a significant amount of money that will go to Lyme disease studies. 

Around the world for a cure
According to a recent press release, the Tick-Borne Disease Alliance raised $70,000 through a cross-country bike tour to aid researchers in their quest for a cure to Lyme disease. "Bite Back for a Cure" was organized in great part by John Donnally of New Jersey, who rode from San Francisco to New York City. Other riders eagerly joined him as the group stopped at more than 200 cities in the U.S. that have been particularly affected by Lyme disease. 

Donnally was surprised to learn that many Midwestern states have also seen cases of Lyme disease. Typically, Northern regions such as New England, the Great Lakes and the Pacific Northwest experience the highest numbers of infected individuals. However, the blacklegged tick, a common culprit of Lyme disease transmission, has lately been found in states like Kansas and Ohio. 

Helping those affected
All funds generated by the TBDA's initiative will be used to determine the most effective means of diagnosing and treating Lyme disease. Those living in regions where ticks are known to reside in high populations should make every effort to protect themselves and their pets from tick-borne illnesses. A wide range of products is available that will keep these harmful parasites away from your pet and your home. 

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