Protecting your dog from the lone star tick

The lone star tick is harmful parasite that could cause serious irritation and even a possible allergy for your dog.

The lone star tick is a harmful parasite that could cause serious irritation and even an allergic reaction for your dog. In addition to using Hartz® flea and tick protection products, it's important to know what this pest can do and how to identify it, especially during the summer months when tick populations peak.

Commonly found in wooded or brushy areas, the lone star tick is notorious for its aggressive behavior, according to Dogs and Ticks. The name of the tick derives from the star-like marking found on the back of a female. The lone star tick is capable of transmitting several unpleasant illnesses, such as ehrlichiosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and southern tick-associated rash illness, reported the source.

According to PetMD, this tick can also cause your dog to contract an allergy to red meat. If red meat is a part of your pup's diet and he is bit by a lone star tick, the symptoms he may experience include excessive itching, loss of fur and skin lesions, said the source.

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