Read flea and tick medication labels

Read flea and tick medication labels

Dog owners are familiar with the extensive line of tick and flea treatments available on the market. There are different categories for size, which makes it essential for pet owners to pay close attention to labels before administering medicine.

There's a reason why there are separate products for small dogs and large ones. Furthermore, there are certain medications that are meant for use with dogs, not cats, and vice versa. It's important for owners to pay close attention to labels. Treatments you used when your dog was a puppy may not be potent enough for your full-grown dog. Additionally, you want to look for any expiration dates. 

Know the difference
If you suspect that your dog has fleas or ticks, it's important to treat him right away. Fleas will spread around the home, and your concerns aren't limited to the adult insects hopping around. Any eggs that are present in your furry companion's coat will fall off around the house, and they'll hatch if your home isn't properly treated. In your rush to treat your dog and your home, you may reach for the medicine that was used for your cat, or when your dog was just a puppy, but these are improper products.

When you're at the store looking for the proper item, make sure you read the label and are aware that the product is meant specifically for your dog, and not the cat. Furthermore, check that it's meant for your four-legged friend's size. After all, a Chihuahua will require a different dosage than a St. Bernard. If you're unsure or hesitant, you can always double-check with store associates.

Read the information
It'll be tempting to give your dog a dose as soon as you get home, but it's absolutely critical to take a moment and read the label carefully. Chances are, the print will be small, so you may want to find a magnifying glass to ensure that you're reading all the information. Once you're aware of the proper handling procedures and are sure of the dosage, treat your dog accordingly.

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