Should I let my pets sleep in bed with me?

Your pooch might be keeping you from getting the proper shut eye that your body needs.

You might be sacrificing more than just a piece of your bed if you let your cat or dog snooze with you. According to a survey conducted by the Mayo Center for Sleep Medicine, 10 percent of the 110 participants indicated that pets were keeping them up at night.

Pet owners explained that cats and dogs had a tendency to move around or whimper throughout the night, which would disrupt their sleep cycles. Not only do these interruptions cause a person to feel tired in the morning, but a lack of sleep is also associated with a number of health concerns.  

As Harvard Medical School explained, several studies demonstrate that people who don't get enough sleep are at a higher risk for diseases such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes and mood disorders.

Also, inviting cats and dogs into bed allows fleas, ticks and other parasites into your sleeping area, which can annoy you and get you sick. 

Use Hartz® flea and tick treatment on pets before you let them cuddle up with you and consider giving them the boot if your cats and dogs are keeping you from getting some proper shut eye. 

Eliminating sleep disruptions can improve you health and make you feel more alert during the day.

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