Top 5 ways your pet can catch fleas

Top 5 ways your pet can catch fleas

Pets getting fleas is a common occurrence, but owners might be wondering where these pests are coming from. Knowing where the fleas are coming from will help you for better flea control in the future.

The most common way your cat or dog picks up fleas is just by playing outside. Fleas hide in grass and other plants, and while your dog is playing fetch, the pests are attaching themselves. This is also how many pets get ticks.

If your animal spends any amount of time playing outside, be sure to use flea and tick control as a protective and preventative measure. The fleas also stay on many wild animals. If you have a cat or dog who loves to chase or hunt, they may be at risk for catching the fleas that live on those animals.

The dog park
When your pet comes into contact with strange dogs, it may be at risk for catching fleas. Not every owner is well-educated on how to kill fleas, so when someone in your community brings a dog to the park to play, it may be bringing pests with it. Make sure to protect your pet by having it wear a flea collar or similar flea control product if you and your pet frequently come in contact with other domesticated animals.

The kennel
The kennel has many of the same problems as the dog park. Even beyond strange dogs who may give your pet fleas, there's the issue of fleas that hide in kennel surfaces. Because new dogs are constantly going in and out, fleas may be reintroduced, even if the kennel gets cleaned often. 

Your home
You may be surprised to learn that your pet can catch fleas not just outside or from strangers, but from your own home. Fleas are reliant pests, so once your pet has them they'll hide all over your house, especially in furniture and flooring.

If you treat your pet but not the house, the fleas may eventually come back to your pet. To prevent this, remember to vacuum thoroughly during flea treatments, and use a product like flea spray to kill any fleas or flea eggs that might be in your home.

Pets can also catch fleas from you. If your pet is indoor-only, you may still bring in pests on your clothes. These will find your pet and infest your home. Even if your pet both indoor and outdoor pets from fleas with products like Hartz® flea drops and Hartz® flea collars.

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