Vet clinic offers low-income pet owners affordable care

Vets in Syracuse offered low-income pet owners affordable care.

While it's very important for pet owners to consistently provide care for their animals at home, it's also crucial that they schedule routine visits to veterinarians. Vets can offer vaccinations, flea treatment and the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. However, for many people, providing their pet with vet care isn't easy. Because it can be heavy on the wallet, or because some simply can't afford it, many owners opt to wait on getting their pet checked out.

The Shamrock Animal Fund, a Syracuse non-profit that promotes animal wellness and raises money for pets in need of care, recently arranged a clinic held at St. Lucy's Auditorium, according to Rounding up volunteer vets and vet technicians, together with students and faculty of Cornell University's Veterinary Hospital Shelter Medicine Program, Shamrock oversaw the examination of over a hundred dogs and cats belonging to low-income Syracuse residents, who provided proof of salary and residence in line. Examinations, which cost $10, included rabies and distemper shots, nail clippings and flea and tick removal.

"In the last year of Shamrock's life, we spent a lot of time and money at the vet," Jamie Pomilio-Mulcahy, co-founder of the Fund, told the source, speaking of her 19-year-old poodle, Shamrock, who died in 2010. "We witnessed pet owners in the lobby, visibly upset, not only because their pet was ill but because vet care is expensive and not all pet owners can afford the care."

Caring for your pet at home
While vet care is a big part of maintaining the health and happiness of a pet, the essential part of that begins at home. Properly grooming and keeping pets clean can protect them from threats both in and out of the house, including fleas and ticks. Many store-bought products, such as flea shampoo or flea collars, keep parasites at bay, like the Hartz® UltraGuard® Flea & Tick Collar for Dogs. Collars such as this one can kill fleas and ticks, and their eggs, for up to seven months.

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