What is a chigger?

Chiggers are small relatives to ticks that can cause dogs and humans skin problems.

Most pet owners have likely taken precautions to protect their fury friends from fleas and ticks, but there a few other creepy-crawlies to keep an eye on. Healthline reported that chiggers – also called berry bugs, harvest mites or red bugs – are small arachnids that can cause skin problems for humans and animals.

A relative of ticks and spiders, these tiny bugs can be found in tall grasses and brush. For that reason, be sure to exercise caution whenever you and your dog go for a stroll through any outdoor areas.

A chigger bite can lead to irritating bumps, but for dogs, the ears and other sensitive areas could develop worse symptoms. Although these critters do not transmit disease, bites can become infected. Be sure to protect your pooch with Hartz® UltraGuard® Ear Mite Treatment for Dogs. This will safely eliminate any critters that may be causing your pet any discomfort, as well as the the risk of irritating bumps or the possibility of your dog making matters worse.

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