Why are fleas so dangerous for my dog?

Why are fleas so dangerous for my dog?

Flea prevention is a big part of dog ownership, but have you ever wondered just what makes fleas such dangerous creatures for you and your canine? The impact these tiny parasitic creatures can have on your dog and your home goes well beyond just making your pooch itchier than usual. 

All about fleas
These insects are very tiny, approximately the size of sesame or poppy seeds. Fleas thrive when living on a host, such as your dog or even you, and they bite their hosts and drink the blood, which allows for the transmission of various flea-borne diseases. When an adult flea makes its home on a host, it will lay its eggs – as many as 50 per day – which will typically fall off your pet and settle into your carpets, the University of Kentucky stated. Eggs will then turn into larvae, which cocoon themselves for a few weeks in protective shells that resist flea treatments, making it especially challenging to completely wipe out an infestation.

Effects of fleas on pets
If your dog gets fleas, he could be subject to a number of illnesses. According to the American Kennel Club, many canines are allergic to flea saliva and can break out in rashes when the first flea takes a bite out of their skin. In addition, fleas are carriers of numerous diseases and other health issues for dogs. The Daily Puppy reported that fleas can transmit diseases such as tularemia, flea allergy dermatitis, internal parasites and more. These can lead to symptoms like itchiness, loss of appetite, weight loss, exhaustion, restlessness and fever.

Fleas in the home
They don't have wings, but fleas' impressive jumping capabilities allow them to travel distances up to 200 times their body length in an instant. This can make it difficult to prevent them from landing on your dog, especially when they're so small. They can also easily escape into your home when you're trying to get them off of your dog with a flea comb, making it pertinent to treat your home as well as your pet when you suspect fleas may have made their way onto your canine companion. Thankfully, there are numerous treatment options to tackle flea infestations in the home, such as the Hartz® UltraGuard Plus® Home Fogger.

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