Why grooming your dog can keep fleas at bay

Keeping your dog well groomed is a way to keep bugs at bay.

There are a number of ways dog owners can minimize the risk of any flea infestation, but keeping your best friend well-groomed is a great place to start, according to Headlines and Global News.

Brushing your dog regularly ensures that the natural oils in the fur cover the entire body. Not only does this leave your pup's fur looking healthy and shiny, but it can help eliminate bacteria or dirt. HNGN reported that regular haircuts make it easier to identify any possible flea problems, and keeping your dog's hair neat and clean will lower the chance of any unwanted bugs in the first place. Knotted or matted hair may hide fleas and make it difficult to spot any eggs or larvae as well.

If you find that your pooch does have any fleas, using Hartz® UltraGuard® Rid Flea & Tick™ Shampoo for Dogs is perfect for eliminating bugs and keeping your best friend healthy and happy. Make sure you keep your dog clean to avoid fleas or other insects, but if not, a good flea bath should do the trick.

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