Why won’t my cat use the litter box?

Why won't my cat use the litter box?

Most cats are genetically wired to seek out their litter boxes when they need to relieve themselves, but sometimes cats choose to pee outside the litter box. There are numerous reasons this could be happening, so it's important to address it right away if your cat starts acting out and marking your carpets, furniture or clothing.

While some medical conditions can lead to this behavior, the problem is usually much simpler. Your cat may be avoiding his litter box because it's too dirty, too full of litter or too small to use comfortably. Have you recently switched to a new kind of litter? When is the last time you cleaned the box? Mother Nature Network pointed out that location is important too, as cats prefer a bit of privacy and should have multiple exits so they feel safe.

Ideally, you should scoop the box daily and clean it with a mild dish detergent or baking soda weekly to keep it as clean and sanitary as possible. This will help prevent any diseases or other health issues from cropping up. If size may be an issue, look into buying a new litter box. While you're at it, pick up any other pet supplies you may need, such as nail clippers or a new flea collar.

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