Why you should consider flea and tick collars

Why you should consider a flea and tick collar

A pet owner's battle against fleas and ticks is never over. The parasites stick around all year long, even in the winter when other insects die off. Spring is the season that sees larvae of both fleas and ticks hatching, while autumn is widely regarded as the peak of parasite activity. Pets that play outdoors or traverse wooded areas frequently are in particular danger. Both insects favor damp, shaded habitats, though ticks are far more common in forests, where there are other mammals to feed on. Fleas often live in pet owners' yards, and can even survive long-term in a house, provided there's enough shade and moisture. Luckily, there are many ways to counter the risks of tick and flea infestation, including the use of a special collar.

The advantages of flea and tick collars
Flea and tick collars are great products for those who don't want to deal with messy scrubs and sprays. They're easy to fit around your cat or dog's neck and provide little discomfort to pets. If your pet is running around outside and you want a quick way to protect him or her from flea and tick bites, just put on a collar and rest assured.

According to MedicAnimal, these collars work by releasing flea- and tick-resistant chemicals onto a pet's coat. The chemicals adhere to the pet's hair and skin to help kill ticks, fleas and larvae. Make sure to check your product's box for how often the collar should be replaced, as it loses effectiveness over time. It's also important to re-examine the fit of the collar around your pet's neck, particularly if the animal is still growing. 

What to look out for
Tick and flea collars bestow many benefits on pets, but if misused, they may not be as helpful. If your pet is headed toward the nearest body of water for a pleasant swim, be sure to take off the collar beforehand. Wet collars aren't that effective, though a drop or two of water won't decrease their strength. It's also essential that pet owners remove any spare bits of collar from a pet's reach, as the chemicals can be toxic when ingested. 

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